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Energy Technologies - Energy for the future

We - being part of Energy Technologies - simply love challenges. Therefore, we continously ask ourselves what the energy supply of the future might be like and which power plant technology and services will become necessary.

There are many interesting approaches - Frank Sch├Ątzing (a popular German author) for example describes a run on resources on the moon in his novel "Limit". Exploitation of the isotope helium-3 as described in this novel would ensure thousands of years of energy safety. Dreams of the future, fiction or films running in your head?

Certainly - but for our engineers and energy experts this is an inspirational scene at the same time. Until we get there, we will master the energy turnaround in Germany. Here, we are pioneers in sustainable and future-oriented energy supply. At the same time, we help satisfy the worldwide growing energy demand. In doing so, we use our know-how efficiently, environmentally friendly and considering local circumstances - we call this "Engineering made in Germany".

In the company's beginnings about 75 years ago, our conventional, coal fueled power plant technology set the standard. Today, more than one third of our engineers work in projects based on renewable energies. Whether it's solar energy, wind power, hydro, geothermal or regrowing biomass: we want to transform these energies as efficiently and sustainably usable for the people.

Overall, we moved more than 100,000 MW energy in more than 50 countries, tendency increasing.

In our areas of Engineering, Owner's Consulting and Power Business Consulting, nearly 120 highly qualified employees with operation experience and entrepreneurial thinking provide a complete service-kit worldwide, which provides individual solutions for all our customers. Both on the large and the small scale.

We make visions become innovations, concrete projects and real facilities. We are the leader in technology in a lot of areas and contribute crucially with our know-how for ensuring the energy supply of tomorrow today. Always one step ahead.


Prof. Wolfgang Benesch
Head of Energy Technologies
R├╝ttenscheider Str. 1-3
45128 Essen

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