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    STEAG Digital Energy Week to go

    Experience the energy future from anywhere.

    Decarbonization, decentralization and digitization: The three big "Ds" of today are opportunities and challenges at the same time. Both, for our societies and for the energy industry. We have dedicated ourselves to these exciting topics in the 4-day event 'STEAG Digital Energy Week'.

    You didn't manage to be there live? No problem. We don't want to deprive you of how our speakers shed light on the associated current tasks from various perspectives and show ways to sustainable and future-oriented solutions. Experience all presentations with practical insights and be curious about the solutions our speakers see in these three sectors and where there is potential to be leveraged. We wish you a lot of fun!

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    Triple D - How will digitalization, decentralization and decarbonization shape the energy transition

    Let‘s master the obstacle course – How our Flex-Toolkit navigates your assets through volatile market boundaries

    Let’s talk waste: How industry leading process technology boosts fuel throughput, asset reliability

    Does it get greener? - Green PPA and flexible trading strategies for renewable energies

    Energy goes digital – The process of moving to a digital business

    Control your losses right at your fingertips – advanced performance monitoring at Xinfa Group

    Next level of predictive maintenance – How accurate health indicators drive asset profitability

    STEAG's Hydroxy Hub accelerates green steel production

    Check your radar - Fleet wide deployment of advanced asset intelligence

    Beyond best-before-date - Let’s maintain wind turbines perfect shape

    Leave the crystal ball aside: How to get transparency in your energy management

    From consumers to prosumers – Design smart urban districts with EBSILON®Professional

    Plus 10 years! – Lifetime extension program conducted for a large power plant facility

    The future is now - How STEAG manages PV assets like a drone pilot

    Best practices chemical industry and oil refineries - How fuel change contributes to a low carbon production

    Decarbonization and decentralization of district heating via digitalization