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    Let‘s master the obstacle course – How our Flex-Toolkit navigates your assets through volatile market boundaries

    In a scenario in which conventional power plants will have to compensate for the volatile nature of natural resources, power plant operators are presented with both challenges and opportunities: a challenge because the plant is experiencing higher alternating stresses, unbalanced start-up processes and limited min load capabilities. A chance because incentives for contributing to grid stability and expanding the operational envelope, will help to stand out from the competition. 

    Since our multidisciplinary engineering teams intend to leverage any potential available from the ever-increasing list of technologies and strategies that are improving plant operation, a tailored tool kit boosting operational flexibility has been developed and implemented at gigawatts of plant capacity. 

    Learn from Daniel Lehmann how we manage to reduce min load to 10%, automate optimised start-up processes, enhance ramping and keep an eye on fatigue damages which may shorten reaming service life.


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