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    Let’s talk waste: How industry leading process technology boosts fuel throughput, asset reliability

    Enhancing waste-to-energy facilities is a core element of our corporate DNA. For more than 30 years, STEAG owns and operates waste incineration plants and hence, our teams bring the relevant domain expertise to the table when taking such proven technology to the next level. The shift to digitalization with more than 2000 systems for plant design and performance improvement provides one of the greatest opportunities for the waste-to-energy sector. An example: advanced combustion control powered by artificial intelligence allows the steam output to be maximized which in turn helps to process more waste by approximately 3%. Plus: demanding emission targets are being well maintained.

    In addition, utilization of alternative fuels and residuals from industry processes (e.g. refineries) are hot and relevant topics our engineering team helps to address.

    Join Dr. Georg Händel and Matthias Schneider illustrating our value-driven engineering approach deployed to recent projects the two have been responsible for.  


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