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    Next level of predictive maintenance – How accurate health indicators drive asset profitability

    Would you agree, that applying advanced maintenance strategies is the key to reliable, efficient and thus highly profitable power plants? But what if the generation technology differs greatly and reliance on OEM’s expertise appears the only option given limited visibility of component health? In fact, with the energy transition running at full speed, we are facing more and more diversified asset portfolios demanding new strategies to cope with increasingly complex and competitive market boundaries.

    That’s where technology agnostic standardization and centralization of asset health monitoring kicks in. But to fully leverage the potential of predictive maintenance, decision makers need to understand where to focus and when immediate action is needed. A high alarm validity is often overlooked when deploying artificial intelligence to these applications.

    Join Joshua Schäfermeyer as he is illustrating what we have learned over 10+ years of deployment experience and how we have taken predictive maintenance to a new accurate, reliable and actionable level applicable to both conventional and renewable energies. 


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