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    Control your losses right at your fingertips – advanced performance monitoring at Xinfa Group

    In light of Xinfa’s energy intense core business it is not a surprise that smart power plants targeting maximized unit efficiency are on top of Xinfa’s corporate agenda. Xinfa Group from China is one of the largest aluminum producers globally. Their group’s power generation covers 16+ GW with latest boiler technology amongst their fleet.

    Following a visit to our headquarter in Germany, the management decided to deploy our plant performance management solution across their fleet. The solution powered by EBSILON®Professional has been tailored to Xinfa’s needs and enables an optimized, fully automated soot blowing strategy. Plus: The real-time evaluation of controllable losses guides operators and performance engineers on how to further boost unit efficiency – 24/7.

    While the roll-out is in full swing with first units already been fully equipped, join the local team sharing project experience and strategic measures to integrate the system into existing workflows.


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