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  • Digitization of technical business processes with SI®/PAM

    CMMS from STEAG Energy Services supplemented by further, practical functions

    With SI®/PAM, the modular, high-performance computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) from STEAG Energy Services, technical business processes can now be seamlessly integrated into IT-supported operations management and maintenance and thus digitized.

    In day-to-day operations, there are always situations in which employees of external companies have to sign documents, e.g. work permits, access and driving permits, trial operation certificates, welding permits, safety instructions etc. Such processes can now be digitized by means of signature pads and integrated into the operation management and maintenance management with SI®/PAM as a stationary IT system. Employees of external companies can thus easily be integrated into electronic data processing without having direct access to the CMMS themselves. In this way, technical business processes are significantly simplified and required evidence permanently documented.

    Seamless digital processes

    The reason for the new function in SI®/PAM was the wish of a customer from the area of ​​waste incineration, who wanted to integrate documents signed by external employees without media discontinuities in his already digitized business processes. For this purpose, signature pads are installed in a waste incineration plant at various locations and connected via USB interface with the respective clients of SI®/PAM as a stationary CMMS. The documents for the external employees are stored in SI®/PAM e.g. generated as part of a workflow or as a separate sub-task, provided via signature pad for signature and transmitted after signing to the CMMS. In this context, the possibility of configuring a workflow in such a way that the execution of a specific working step in SI®/PAM can only be confirmed when a mandatory signature has been made, for example, also in the sense of higher work safety.

    "The new function in SI®/PAM once again demonstrates the enormous flexibility of our CMMS, which covers the entire range of technical operation management and intelligent maintenance. Due to the open system architecture, SI®/PAM as a highly scalable IT solution can be adapted to specific needs at any time and thus not only fulfills the current requirements, but also copes with future challenges of rapidly growing digitization at all business levels." Martin Stephan, project manager of STEAG Energy Services.