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  • STEAG to discuss energy of tomorrow

    “Digital Energy Week” to give insights into current industry trends and projects

    Essen. The Essen-based energy company STEAG will be hosting a “Digital Energy Week” from November 8 to 11, where national and international speakers from within the company will be joined by STEAG customers in presenting current trends in the industry and model projects. The conference will be conducted in English. Participation is free of charge and open to all following prior online registration. Topics range from an analysis of the current megatrends in the industry to experience gained, for example concerning the outlook for district heating in the energy world of tomorrow. Digitalization is a key focus of the 16 presentations.

    The aim of the “Digital Energy Week” is to explain and discuss the outlook for the energy industry, taking STEAG topics and projects as examples. “On the one hand, we want to show what we can do – and how well we can do it. On the other hand, it’s about creating a dialog with industry experts, as well as market partners and potential customers, about the opportunities that digitalization, in particular, already presents for the future of the energy industry,” says Ulrich Sigel, Director of STEAG Energy Services GmbH and one of the speakers at the “Digital Energy Week”.

    Predictive plant operation
    Other reports deal with the recently introduced software tool “Sensaia”, which uses artificial intelligence to enable predictive and thereby preventive operation of solar systems. This predictive maintenance approach has been used by STEAG and its customers not only for solar plants, but also for many years now for wind farms and combustion plants. Customers from Asia will be reporting on their experience with the use of IT solutions for monitoring the operation of conventional power plants.

    Energy management and urban planning
    Other presentations will illustrate what the energy supply of tomorrow's cities may look like: Matthias Ohl, Technical Director at STEAG Fernwärme GmbH, for example, will be reporting on strategies and measures for further decarbonization of the district heating supply, which already conserves resources and protects the environment. Building on this, Dr. Florian Dauber will present digital solutions for “smart” urban districts of tomorrow.

    Hydrogen and the decarbonization of industry
    Another focal point will be presentations dealing with STEAG’s solutions for decarbonizing industry based on selected practical examples, and the contribution of green hydrogen to securing Europe's largest steel site in Duisburg. “STEAG’s technical and energy expertise is rooted in more than 80 years of experience in planning, building and operating complex energy systems. Following on from this, STEAG is already developing groundbreaking solutions for the emission-free energy world of tomorrow,” says Jan Hintzen, who deals with hydrogen and “power-to-X” technologies at STEAG and who will be speaking at the event.

    “In this respect, the “Digital Energy Week” is not only a showcase of STEAG's achievements, but will also demonstrate that practicable solutions already exist for many of the present challenges posed by the energy transition. The 16 presentations therefore serve as inspiration to tackle these challenges with determination,” Dr. Ralf Schiele, the Director of STEAG GmbH responsible for Market and Technology, concludes. The fact that all the presentations will be held in English underlines the international perspective of the event.

    Registration and participation
    Anyone interested in participating in the “Digital Energy Week” can sign up at https://www.steag-energyservices.com/de/energy-week, where the complete program for the event and further information on the presentations and speakers can also be found.