IT based maintenance system SI®/PAM

More transparency, safety and cost efficiency in the operation of technical plants

Issues such as the Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Maintenance, Machine Learning and the associated digital transformation require short reaction times and a high degree of flexibility. The economic success of many companies is therefore crucially influenced by whether they are able to use intelligent IT technologies to leverage previously unused or even hidden potential in order to obtain productive added value.

Regardless of whether conventional or regenerative energy generation, waste management, the process and manufacturing industry or municipal utility networks, maintenance is often still regarded as a pure cost center. A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) forms the basis for the structured acquisition of plant data, facilitates the comprehensive planning, meaningful control and efficient execution of maintenance measures. Such a system enables the implementation of economic strategies, such as preventive or corrective maintenance, and is also a guarantor for efficient controlling of all maintenance processes, including compliance with regulatory standards in the documentation.

SI®/PAM is a CMMS that has been continuously developed from practical experience in complex power plant operation. Thanks to its modularity, it adapts extremely flexibly to tasks in the technical operation management and maintenance of a wide range of systems. SI®/PAM can be implemented within a very short time and can be used productively with its user-friendly interface.

With SI®/PAM Mobile, an app for smartphones and tablets is available, the user consistently exploits all the benefits of a mobile maintenance and thus avoids double input in particular. Using technologies such as e.g. RFID or barcodes can unambiguously identify equipment, components or work locations and retrieve and document all required activities or measures via the mobile app. The full functionality of SI®/PAM as a powerful CMMS is thus always available on site. Synchronization with the central CMMS is easy via WLAN or cellular connection. This means that maintenance is always up to date. Always complete, transparent, cost-efficient and safe!