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    When it comes to energy, we know what we’re talking about whether it’s the sun in India, hydro in Brazil or dealing with batteries in Germany. A summary of our most important and interesting projects is presented here. Their diversity reflects what makes us so very special: the combination of operational expertise, highly-qualified engineering services and innovative software solutions. Local and global.

    10 MWp Solar Thermal Power Plant Project, India

    Consultancy for the preparation of a feasibility study and detailed project report

    40 kWp Solar Rooftop Power Plant in Patna, India

    Consultancy for the preparation of a feasibility study & RFQ document

    5 MWp Solar PV Power Plant in Pokhran, India

    Technical consultant for the preparation of a feasibility study and detailed project report

    50 MW Solar Power Plant, India

    Consultancy for the preparation of a bid document on EPC basis

    60 kWp Solar Rooftop Power Plant, India

    Technical consultant for the preparation of a feasibility report and RFP Document

    Accelerator Facility FAIR GmbH, Germany

    Planning of nuclear ventilation and technical building equipment for the new construction of the international accelerator facility FAIR

    Akhisar Lignite Power Plant in Manisa, Turkey

    Pre-feasibility study power plant project

    AKSA Akrilik’s Yalova Facility, Turkey

    SCR Catalyst Management for AKSA Akrilik

    Alpu Lignite Fired Power Plant Project in Eskişehir, Turkey

    Pre-feasibility study for Alpu power plant project

    Aratinga Thermal Power Plant (Biomass), Brazil

    Operation & Maintenance services

    Assuruá Wind Farm, Brazil

    Operation and Maintenance

    Autarkic Energy Supply Agios Efstratios, Greece

    Engineering services in the Green Island Project

    Ayas Power Plant Project, Turkey

    Technical Consultant and Owner´s Engineer

    Barauni Thermal Power Station, India

    Consultancy services contract for Barauni thermal power station

    Barra dos Coqueiros Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brazil

    Operation & Maintenance

    Bathinda CCPP in Punjab, India

    Commissioning services, O&M management and staff

    Bellary Thermal Power Station, India

    Simulator-based training in the operation of a supercritical technology-based power plant

    Bonn Waste Treatment Plant, Germany

    Short-term supply of SI®/PAM as all-in-one solution for maintenance

    Botswana Power Corporation, Botswana

    Simulator training program for operation engineers

    Caçu Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brazil

    Operation & Maintenance

    Caetité Wind Farm, Brazil

    Operation & Maintenance

    CCPP HKW Niehl 3, Germany

    Owner`s Engineer for a state-of-the-art combined cycle plant

    CCPP Lausward Block Fortuna, Germany

    Owner`s Engineer for world record holder with an efficiency of 61.5% @ 603.8 MW

    Cement Plant Denizli Cimento, Turkey

    Central data management at the Denizli Çimento cement plant

    Cement Plant Walzbach-Wössingen, Germany

    Fully automatic control of the SNCR system

    Çerkezköy Lignite-fired Power Plant, Turkey

    Pre-feasibility study for EÜAŞ‘s power plant project

    Chandgana Tal Power Plant Project, Mongolia

    Technical consultant - bankable feasibility study

    Chhabra Power Plant, India

    Prediction and early detection of critical conditions and process behaviors

    CHP Hiltrop, Germany

    Planning, construction, quality management and production monitoring

    CHP Plant Altbach, Germany

    Expert System SR::BCM optimizes plant efficiency by implementing optimal cleaning strategy of the heating surfaces (soot blowing optimization)

    CHP Plant Dormagen, Germany

    Process optimization with the IT solutions SR::EPOS, SR::Validate and EBSILON

    CHP Plant Herne, Germany

    Multi-Retrofit - technical optimization

    Cidreira Wind Farm, Brazil

    Operation & Maintenance

    Coal-Fired Power Plant Morupule B, Botswana

    O&M management and detailed gap analysis for Morupule B

    Coal-Fired Power Plant Morupule, Botswana, South Africa

    IT solution consolidates data from six control rooms and simultaneously replaces paper- and Excel-based maintenance

    Coal-Fired Power Plant St. Maria I, Chile

    O&M Management Support

    Combined-Cycle Power Plant Denizli, Turkey

    Assessment and optimization of the process quality with the IT solution SR::EPOS

    Combined-Cycle Power Plant Emsland, Germany

    SR::EPOS achieves assessment and optimization of the plant operation in “real time”

    Crucea North Wind Farm, Romania

    Early detection of deviations in operating parameters

    Delta I/II Wind Farm, Brazil

    Wind Farm – Delta I/II

    Dyckerhoff Cement Kiln 8 in Lengerich, Germany

    Reliable compliance with the emission limits by using the PiT Navigator SNCR

    Efficiency Improvement Program at ESKOM, South Africa

    Technical Consultant - Heat-rate-improvement efficiency program South Africa

    Ekton Ceyhan Biomass Power Plant, Ceyhan, Turkey

    Engineering Studies for Biomass Power Plant in Ceyhan

    El-Hamrawein Project, Egypt


    EnBW Nuclear Power Plants, Germany

    Lead designer for the central dismantling facilities Neckarwestheim (GKN) and Phillipsburg (KKP)

    Enugu Power Plant Project, Nigeria

    Technical Consultant - Bankable Feasibility Study for the Federal Ministry of Power

    ERB Industrial CHP Plant Based on Biomass, Brazil

    O&M services for industrial CHP plant based on biomass

    Eskişehir 600 MWel Natural Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant Project, Turkey

    Feasibility study for Eskişehir natural gas fired CCPP

    Espra Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brazil

    Espra Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Excellence Enhancement Center, India

    Training program at the Excellence Enhancement Center for the Indian power sector – an organization under Indo-German cooperation initiative

    Gardabani CCPP, Georgia

    O&M support, advisory services and staff deputation

    Gargaú Wind Farm, Brazil

    Gargaú wind farm

    Gas Fired Power Plants in Duisburg, Germany

    Performance Monitoring with the expert system SR::EPOS

    Gersteinwerk Combined-Cycle Power Plant, Germany

    Online Monitoring of the thermal process quality with SR::EPOS

    Gestamp Wind Farm, Brazil

    Wind Farm – Gestamp

    Grosskraftwerk Mannheim, Germany

    Online monitoring of thick-walled components in unit 9 for a flexible power plant operation

    Gujarat Energy Training & Research Institute, India

    Training program on gas turbine operation and maintenance

    Gundremmingen Nuclear Power Plants, Germany

    Intermediate storage cranes according to KTA 3902

    Hard Coal Fired Power Plant Sugözü, Turkey

    Engineering for flue gas treatment retrofit measures

    Hazira Combined-Cycle Power Plant in Gujarat, India

    Full scope operation and maintenance services

    Heilbronn Power Plant, Germany

    Predictive Analytics - Early detection and projection of critical condition and process behaviors with SR::SPC

    Herne CHP Plant, Germany

    Continuous process quality and condition monitoring with SR::SPC

    Hydro Verde 8, Brazil

    Operation & Maintenance Hydro Verde 8

    Ibbenbüren Power Plant, Germany

    Online monitoring of the thermal process quality in Ibbenbüren power plant with the IT solutions SR::EPOS and SR::BCM

    Indaia Grande Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brazil

    Hydro Indaia Grande

    Indaiazinho Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brazil

    Hydro Indaiazinho

    Indo-European Union Cooperation Program

    Workshops on rehabilitation, modernization and development of training program skills

    Indo-German Energy Program for State Utilities, India

    Indo-German energy program for Indian state utilities in EBSILON Professional software

    Infracor Chemical Park Marl, Germany

    Engineering Services

    Infraserv Substitute Fuel Incineration Plant Höchst, Germany

    Owner’s Engineer - Engineering for a waste-to-energy plant

    IPP Jharsuguda, India

    O&M Management and Staff

    ISKEN Power Plant of STEAG, Turkey

    Prediction and early detection of critical conditions and process behaviors

    Iskenderun Power Plant, Turkey

    Life Time Monitoring - IT solution SR1 monitors the stress of thick-walled boiler components

    Itarema Wind Farm, Brazil

    Wind Farm – Itarema

    Karlsruhe Reprocessing Plant, Germany

    Planning services for the dismantling of hot-cells of the storage and evaporation plant for highly radioactive waste

    Kashipur CCPP, Uttrakhand, India

    Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance of gas-based combined-cycle power plant

    Klikya Power Plant Project, Turkey

    Technical consultant for bankable feasibility study

    Lalitpur Power Generation, India

    Training programs on operation of coal handling plant, ash handling plant, and ESP

    Lanjigarh Coal Fired CPP, Odisha, India

    Coal power plant generates power to supply alu-smelter

    Lignite Power Plant Mátra Visonta, Hungary

    Tender process support

    Lignite-Fired Power Plant Neurath, Germany

    Online lifetime monitoring at Neurath lignite-fired plant

    Lignite-fired Power Plant, New Construction Afsin Elbistan B, Turkey

    Consulting and engineering for EÜAS‘s project

    Malhadinha Wind Farm, Brazil

    Wind Farm – Malhadinha

    Medupi Coal Fired Power Plant, South Africa

    Owner’s Engineer for large-scale new build power plant project Medupi

    Medupi Power Plant, South Africa

    IT solution prevents operational problems due to lower coal qualities and optimizes soot blowing with SR::BCM

    Mejia Thermal Power Station, India

    Boiler operation & maintenance training for engineers

    Mindanao Power Plant, Philippines

    Owner´s Engineer

    Morupule B, Botswana - Competency Development Program

    Competency Development Programs for native employees

    National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN)

    Assisting NAPTIN in developing a world-class institute

    National Power Training Institute, Nigeria

    Power plant simulator for the National Power Training Institute of Nigeria

    Natural Gas Production and Distribution, Brazil

    Operation and Maintenance

    Natural Gas Production, Brazil

    Gasmar – natural gas metering unit and delivery to ENEVA

    Natural Gas Production, Córdoba, Argentina

    Operation & Maintenance Support

    Ncondezi Power Plant, Mozambique

    Consulting and engineering

    Neurath Coal-Fired Power Plant, Germany

    Continuous condition monitoring and boiler leakage detection with SR::SPC

    Oberhausen Biomass CHP Plant, Germany

    Implementation of the CMMS SI®/PAM in trial operation

    On-Grid Solar Power Plant, India

    Consultancy services for the preparation of a feasibility report and detailed project report

    On-Grid Solar Power Plant, India

    Consultancy services for the preparation of a feasibility report

    Palatana Combined-Cycle Power Plant, India

    O&M Management and Staff including procurement of consumables

    Planning of 7 On-Site Interim Storage Facilities for Spent Nuclear Fuel

    Planning of 7 on-site interim storage facilities according to the STEAG concept

    Power Plant Bexbach, Germany

    Flexibilization - Advanced primary frequency control

    Power Plant El Kureimat, Egypt

    O&M Support, Training, Change Management

    Power Plant Guacolda, Bocamina 1/2, Santa Maria, Chile

    Flexibilization - Audit to verify key flexibility parameters of conventional power plants

    Power Plant HKW West 2/3, Germany

    Flexibilization - Reduction of minimum load by means of one mill operation

    Power Plant Lünen, Germany

    Flexibilization - Minimum load reduction to less than 15%

    Power Plant Maasvlakte, Netherlands

    Monitoring of the superheated steam and hot reheat pipes with the IT-based solution SR::SPM

    Power Plant Moorburg, Germany

    Lifetime monitoring at power plant Moorburg

    Power Plant Neurath BoA Units F and G, Germany

    IT solution continuously determines fouling of all heating surfaces in power plant Neurath

    Power Plant Sites in India

    Implementation of PADO in India: orders for 113 units received

    Power Plant Voerde/West, Germany

    Holistic flexibility approach

    Power Plant Walsum 10, Germany

    IT solutions ensure optimal unit utilization and maintenance strategy

    Power Plant Walsum 10/9, Germany

    Holistic flexibility approach

    Power Plant Walsum Unit 10, Germany

    Walsum unit 10 - STEAG’s most efficient coal fired power plant unit

    Power Plant Zonguldak Unit 2/3, Turkey

    Flexibilization - Minimum load reduction

    Power Plants Dadri / Simhadri, India

    Flexibilization - Flexibility assessment for the NTPC plants Dadri and Simhadri

    Power Plants STEAG GmbH, Germany

    Realization of 90 MW battery storage system (6 x 15 MW) for primary control reserve

    Pre-Feasibility Study on Saray Lignite-fired Power Plant in Thrace Region in Turkey

    Engineering for EÜAŞ‘s

    Pre-Feasibility Study on Vize Lignite-fired Power Plant in Thrace Region in Turkey

    Engineering for EÜAŞ‘s power plant project

    Projekt Kpone Independent Power Plant (KIPP), Ghana

    Owner’s Engineer: Project development and engineering in Ghana

    Prospects of Geothermal Power Generation, Turkey

    Geothermal Power Generation in Turkey

    RAWEC IPP, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    RAWEC operates a refinery power plant to supply the PetroRabigh Complex with necessary media

    RAWEC, Saudi Arabia

    Operator training simulator

    Rio das Flores Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brazil

    Rio das Flores Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Rodeio Bonito Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brazil

    Rodeio Bonito Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Ruhleben Waste-Fueled CHP Plant, Germany

    CMMS implemented at the Ruhleben waste-fueled CHP plant

    Salonit Anhovo Cement Plant, Slovenia

    Reduction of specific energy demand

    Santa Vitoria Thermal Power Plant (Biomass), Brazil

    Operation & Maintenance

    Santa Vitoria Thermal Power Plant (Biomass), Brazil

    Owner’s Engineer: Santa Vitória – thermal power plant (biomass)

    Saudi Electric Company

    Value-based maintenance program for maintenance managers

    Sichuan Environmental and Protection Engineering, China

    Construction of a Vitrification Plant for HLLW (High-Level Liquid Waste)

    Simulators for Zimbabwe Power Company

    Operator training simulator

    Singareni Coal-Fired Power Plant, India

    Commissioning and comprehensive O&M of the thermal power plant Singareni

    Sivas Compressor Station, Turkey

    Concept studies

    Solar Photovoltaic Plant in Rohtak, India

    Engineering for a 20 kW solar photovoltaic plant at St. Mary‘s School

    Solar Photovoltaic Rooftop Power Plant, India

    Planning, commissioning, and operation of a solar photovoltaic rooftop power plant at the Holy Family Hospital in New Delhi

    STEAG Power Plant Herne, Germany

    Combustion Optimization at Herne Power Plant

    STEAG Power Plant Learning Center, India

    One-year graduate and diploma engineers induction training program for Independent Power Producers (IPPs)

    STEAG Refinery Power Plant Leuna, Germany

    Engineer for the construction of the STEAG refinery power plant Leuna (owned and operated by STEAG)

    Talwandi Sabo Power Plant, Punjab, India

    Comprehensive O&M of coal-based supercritical thermal power plant

    Thermal Power Plant TKCSA, Brazil

    O&M for thermal power plant TKCSA

    Thermal Solar Power Plant, Spain

    O&M for solar power plant in Spain

    Thermal Solar Power Plant, Spain

    Implementing a live CMMS during operation within a very short period of time

    Thermal Treatment DSM Sisseln, Switzerland

    Owner’s Engineer services - liquid wastes, off gases at DSM in Sisseln, Switzerland

    TPP (Gas), Brazil


    Transmission Line Delta III, Brazil

    Operation and Maintenance

    UFV Floresta I, II and III, Brazil

    Operation and Maintenance

    UTG Gas Treatment Plant in Parnaiba, Brazil

    Owner’s Engineer: UTE Parnaiba – thermal power plant (gas)

    Vishakhapatnam Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant, India

    Full Scope O&M services

    Wärmekraftwerk (Erdgas / Dieselöl (OCTE)), Brasilien

    UTE Canoas – thermal power plant (natural gas / diesel oil (OCTE))

    Waste Incineration Plant Bonn, Germany

    Fully automatic Combustion Optimization

    Waste Incineration Plant T. A. Lauta, Germany

    Project developer and engineer for a waste incineration plant

    Waste Incineration Plant Vestforbrænding, Denmark

    Combustion Control at the Vestforbrænding Waste Incineration Plant

    Wind Farm Bons Ventos da Serra II, Brazil


    Wind Farm Delta III, Brazil

    Operation and Maintenance

    Wind Farm Global Tech I, Germany

    Predictive Analytics Software monitors 400 MW North Sea wind farm

    Wind Farm Süloglu, Turkey

    STEAG Energy Services implements IT based O&M-system and was assigned as Owner’s Engineer

    Wind Turbine Manufacturer VENSYS, Germany

    Optimization of maintenance process with predictive analytics software

    Windfarm Crucea Nord, Romania

    IT-based operation management and maintenance of a windfarm with a total output of 108 MW

    Windfarm Süloglu, Turkey

    Structured, IT-based operation management and maintenance of a 66 MW windfarm

    Windfarm “Crucea North”, Romania

    Owner’s Engineer - “Crucea North” as part of the large “Stupina” windfarm complex

    Xangrila Wind Farm, Brazil

    Wind Farm – Xangrila

    Xavantina Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brazil

    Xavantina Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Yatagan Thermal Power Plant, Turkey

    Advisory services to Yatagan thermal power plant

    Zimbabwe Power Company, Zimbabwe

    Training for operation engineers on operation practices including simulator-based training