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    Maximum Efficiency and Availability for your WtE and Biomass Plant

    With us you can master every challenge.
    The importance of thermal waste treatment is growing worldwide. The energy contained in the waste is increasingly being used sensibly to generate electricity and heat. While the first waste incineration plants were optimised with regard to the highest recycling rate, today there is a trend to design these plants to be highly efficient as well. Not only are higher steam parameters required, but also integrative concepts that digitalise and thus optimise thermal waste treatment plants by means of expert solutions or in which waste becomes green fuel.

    A partner for all challenges
    As a global pioneer, technology leader and competent problem solver, we provide support not only from the concept, through planning, implementation and operational management, to plant optimisation. We set new standards when it comes to your specific requirements that you have to cope with in your day-to-day operations.

    Our topic highlights for you at a glance

    Maximum efficiency with our digital solutions

    The highly specialised digital solutions we develop all have one goal: to make plants as efficient as possible. Learn more about AI-based fire performance control and predictive analytics:

    Engineering expertise - Turning waste into green fuel

    Get an insight into our lighthouse project for methanol synthesis in Zella-Mehlis and find out what contribution it makes to decarbonisation:

    Ensuring safe operation through maintenance and repair

    We offer you the complete planning and realisation of all technical services required for plant operation in maintenance.

    Operational management tailored to your requirements

    Only qualified operational management ensures the success of long-term investments in thermal waste treatment plants. From advisory support to the responsible assumption of operational management and maintenance to holistic asset management.

    Our services for waste incineration plants

    Planning &

    • Preliminary and design planning
    • Project development studies
    • Approval planning
    • Procurement (tendering, bid comparison, contract negotiation)

    Construction &

    • Plan and design review
    • Project management
    • Detail and implementation planning
    • Quality management
    • Management/Supervision
    • Owner’s Engineer

    Operations & Maintenance

    • Operations Management Support
    • Operations Management
    • Full operational management
    • Troubleshooting
    • Plant optimization
    • Cladding
    • Maintenance & Servicing
    • Training

    Monitoring & Optimization

    • AI-based fire power control
    • Operation management system
    • Online Monitoring System
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Analysis & Optimization