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  • We take care of the dismantling of nuclear plants, develop disposal concepts and ensure radiation protection and safety.

    With many national and international projects, we have positioned ourselves in the market for nuclear services and now have more than 40 years of experience. We provide planning, services and consulting, develop and supply systems and components and work as general contractor. Our experience and expertise result from the large number of projects carried out and the consistent training of our employees. 

    The range of services above includes all the work areas: 

    With our experience and know-how from the planning, construction and operation of nuclear facilities, functional and economic systems are produced as a result of our work in compliance with safety regulations.  

    Selected References

    Sichuan Environmental and Protection Engineering, China

    Construction of a Vitrification Plant for HLLW (High-Level Liquid Waste)

    Gundremmingen Nuclear Power Plants, Germany

    Intermediate storage cranes according to KTA 3902

    EnBW Nuclear Power Plants, Germany

    Lead designer for the central dismantling facilities Neckarwestheim (GKN) and Phillipsburg (KKP)